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How to get a Date in 2017

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Part 1: Our guide to getting a date for NYE/NYD

We all have one thing in common moving into the month of January, a thrive for 'New Year, New You'. This means dumping off old baggage, hitting the gym...and if you're single, promising yourself that you won't fall for 'that guy/that girl' again.

A New Year brings fresh opportunity. The chance to hit reset, and find someone who may actually enrich your life, instead of the standard dull date, sitting at a crowded bar, sipping wine and talking about work (seriously, promise yourself you'll have no more dates like this!). 

So, how do you commit to 'New Year, New You' in regards to your dating Profile? Well, an Advidate Consultation is the perfect way to kick-start your 2017 with a fresh profile, and a enriched confidence.

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Here's our guide to dating in the New Year, beginning with New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day!


New Year’s Eve is terrible for online dating. Unless you have friends who are willing to pay $50 entry to every bar or club your match might possibly be at, casually ‘bumping into’ your next e-soulmate isn’t a thing on New Year’s Eve.

And hey — it’s not your fault. New Year’s Eve is almost always awful. December 31st is the year’s Bermuda Triangle, impossibly combining sky high expectations with rock bottom organisation. Add a $50 price tag and a stacked bouncer to your local bar and you have the Holy Trinity, laughing at your attempt at having fun.

TOP TIP: Don’t encourage your matches to “just come here”. They won’t. Send them some cheeky emojis and a ‘Happy New Year!!!!’ and lay the foundations for tomorrow. Which is…


Glorious New Year’s Day. The universal day of convalescence. And the day that your ‘Netflix and chill?’ line has, statistically, its highest chance of working.

Everyone is hungover on New Year’s Day, which means that deep down, everyone just wants to snuggle and watch Die Hard.

New Year’s Day is the one day that you can legitimately invite someone that you’ve never met before over to your house to wear pjs and watch Frozen. So, if you haven’t yet, suggest an in person rendezvous with the match you’ve been exchanging emojis with for the past week.

TOP TIP: If the premise of your match coming over is ice cream and pyjamas, don’t be surprised when they actually turn up with ice cream and pyjamas. And don’t be mad if they don’t immediately rip your clothes off — they’re probably feeling just as close to vomiting as you are.

So there we have it. The taming New Years. Our main takeaways? Use your boredom to your advantage. Say something funny. Snuggle at New Year. Oh, and of course, book an Advidate Consultation!

Happy New Year,

Advidate x

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